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lab 5 chem - Determination of 10Dq in CR(III) Complexes...

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Determination of 10Dq in CR(III) Complexes Introduction: This experiment requires the use of reflux and distillation, in order to obtain the most purified product possible, as impurities will greatly effect the spectrochemical data. Suction filtration will also be used for the same purposes. In order to classify the compounds, we will use visible spectroscopy. Analysis of the spectrochemical data will identify the d-orbital splitting energy, as the amount of energy that corresponds to that energy difference will be absorbed. In an octahedral metal-ligand compound, the d-orbitals of the metal are split into 2 sets of orbitals, each set distinguished by its energy level; the higher represented as e g and the lower as t 2g . The difference between these energy levels, represented by the character Δ o , also known as 10 Dq, varies depending on several factors, including: metal charge, metal size, and size of the ligand. In this experiment, we will be focusing on Cr(III) compounds, and so the only factor to consider is the ligand. Using spectrochemical analysis, we will be able to determine the magnitude of Δ o and the degree to which different ligands affects the value. Upon obtaining the spectra of each individual compound, we will then arrange the ligands in a
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lab 5 chem - Determination of 10Dq in CR(III) Complexes...

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