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chemlab6 - Gerardo Tejada SISD 28114 CH0050 Lab 6 Synthesis...

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Unformatted text preview: Gerardo Tejada SISD 28114 CH0050 Lab 6 Synthesis of cis-Diamminedihalo Pt (II) Compounds Introduction: The techniques to be used in this lab are ligand substitution and suction filtration using a Hirsch funnel. Halides, lying on the weaker end of the spectrochemical series, are typically replaced by stronger field ligands such as water. Thus, there preparation is a bit elusive. However, in this lab, we will employ reactions in which the final compound maintains the halogen ligands. The filtration portion of the lab uses the fact that compounds do not necessarily dissolve in the same solvents. This allows one to dissolve the impurities in a compound and suction it out, leaving only the pure crystals of the desired product intact. We will also be analyzing the spectrochemical data in order to determine which bands correspond to the Pt-halogen bond. This is based on the idea that different bonds absorb light energy at different wavelengths—the amount absorbed depending on the chemical environment of the electrons...
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