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L4-2.1 Algebraic Expressions

L4-2.1 Algebraic Expressions - 2.1 Unit 1 Lesson 4 2.1...

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2.1 1 Unit 1 Lesson 4 2.1 Algebraic Expressions Variable: A letter that represents one or more numbers ex in the expression 2 x + 3 , the variable is ex in the expression 2 xy , the variables are and Constant: The numerical part(s) of an algebraic expression ex in the expression 2 x + 3 , the constants are and Constant Term: The term that only has a number, no variables ex In the expression 2 x + 3, the constant term is Coefficient: The numerical factor in front of the variable(s) in a term ex In the expression x + 3 y − 5 z + 7, the coefficient of x is the coefficient of y is the coefficient of z is An algebraic expression consists of one or more terms made up of variables, constants, and operation signs. ex 2 x + 3 or 3 x ‒ 5 y + 7 or 4 x 2 Term: Part of an algebraic expression. Terms are separated by “+” or “ - ” signs. ex In the expression 3 x + 2 y - 5, the terms are , and Like Terms: Terms with identical variables and identical exponents on each variable ex Like terms Not like terms Like terms ( Note:
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