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ENG 102 essay #3 - Krabey Anthony Krabey Professor Heenan...

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Krabey Anthony Krabey Professor Heenan ENG 102 1:40- 2:55 The Drinking Age in America: Is it Time for Change? The debate on the drinking age in America has been a topical issue and will continue to be until all parties involved are satisfied. What we have in this debate is an unwillingness of cooperation between the government and society. Even though there are certain supporters of the current drinking age, there are still many of us who believe the drinking age should be lowered to 18 years of age. My proposal to fix this topic, is to lower the legal drinking age to 18 years of age while implementing a new trial policy that would test the waters for this new act in legislation. The benefits of following my proposal will come from addressing the problems currently circulating about the drinking age, coming up with a solution to those said problems, and then showing how the new policy will benefit all parties involved. To begin lets first look at the main concerns of the parties involved with this issue. One of the main concerns of states is, of course, money. States legally have the right to lower the drinking age if they please; however, by doing so, those states will forfeit their Federal Highway Funds given by the government. This was the case in the South Dakota v. Dole trial in 1987 (“South Dakota V. Dole”). The state of South Dakota, whose current policy at the time, permitted citizens of the age of 19 or older to legally purchase alcohol, was affected by Congress’ decision of withholding five percent of federal highways funds from states that did not adopt the 21-year-old minimum drinking 1
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Krabey age. Thus, South Dakota challenged the law believing the actions of the Congress were in breech of the 21 st amendment, which mandated nationwide prohibition. The Supreme Court found in a 7-2 decision that the Congress was not in breech of the 21 st amendment and that it was acting within its government appointed powers. Another major criticism of the drinking laws in America is the fact that you may go to war at the age of 18, fight for your country, and then return home and yet not have the right/authorization to purchase a case of beer. Many Americans feel that if you can kill a person while enrolled in the U.S. military, then you should have the ability to at least purchase an alcoholic beverage. Among these concerns and criticisms is the fact that there are too many drunk- driving accidents in America. Many feel that most of these drunk-driving incidents stem from underage drinkers getting behind the wheel of a car; thus some people believe the drinking age should remain at 21. Lastly, I will elaborate on the topic of Driving Under the Influence (DUI) sentences that are currently being used in the American judicial
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ENG 102 essay #3 - Krabey Anthony Krabey Professor Heenan...

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