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1/3Insights EditorMay 1, 2020 GI tags to new products Topics Covered:IP related issues. What to study? For Prelims: What is GI tag, GI tag for Basmati. For Mains: Relevance and significance of GI tag. Context:GI taghas been given toBlack rice of Manipur, also called the Chak- Hao, Gorakhpur Terracotta and Kadalai Mittai of Kovilpatti. Key facts: Black rice varietyhas a deep black colour and is higher by weight than that of other coloured rice varieties like brown rice, etc. This is mainly due tothe anthocyanin agent. Kovilpatti Kadalai Mittaiis a pea nut candy made in southern parts of Tamil Nadu. The candy is prepared from ground nut and jaggery. The water is exclusively used from the riverThamirabarani. Gorakhpur Terracotta:The potters of the town make animal figures like elephants, horses.
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