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Anthony Krabey Eng 102 Reflection 1. The way I went about choosing the groups to address in my paper was by reflecting upon the various parties involved with my topic. I chose the group MADD for example because of what they stand for, which is reinforcing the drinking age. What was most significant about the groups I chose for my paper was their involvement with the topic at hand. Each group had its own unique aspect and contribution to the argument of the drinking laws in America. 2. I determined my paper’s structure just as I would for any other paper I would write. I began the essay with an informative and well-structured introduction paragraph that laid the foundation for my paper. This was followed by body paragraphs that helped prove my thesis, and then followed with a conclusion paragraph that helped summarize my paper. I am very pleased with the result of my paper, because I feel I got my point across in an efficient manner. 3.
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