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Unformatted text preview: Josh Emerson 10/8/07 English 1105 Join the Crowd All humans have a need to be around other people or be involved in something that makes them feel like they belong in society. Everybody wants to be liked and popular and have everybody wanting to be just like them. Advertising uses this idea of popularity to sell products. They use powerful celebrity figures and slogans telling you to buy their product because this popular celebrity did. Or saying that if you buy this product you will be popular and everybody will like you because you have it. This strategy is being used by the Skoal chewing Tobacco Company in an ad t rying to sell their product. The ad utilizes the idea that people want to be popular and have many friends, by using quotes and images that make you believe you can achieve this by buying their product. They have two guys dressed in leather, gassing up their motorcycles in the desert. This is typically the type of person you think of when you think about chewing tobacco. They use these two guys and the accompanying text to make the reader believe having fun and being accepted by people is more important than your health and the negative effects of chewing tobacco. The two guys in the picture are both gassing up their motorcycles. However the two bikes and the guys driving theses bikes are two different types of people. One is your typical Harley Davidson, leather wearing biker, with a bandana. The other guy is a different type of biker. He has a much faster bike and is wearing a jumpsuit for protection. One is an older biker with lots of life experience, and the other is the young kid with the fast bike. These guys are completely different and yet they both use Skoal chewing tobacco. This is a way for Skoal to show the reader that it doesnt matter who you are, or what you wear. Everybody chews tobacco....
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Advertisement - Josh Emerson 10/8/07 English 1105 Join the...

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