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Josh Emerson Professor Mengert English 1105 4/08/08 Annotated Bibliography Research Topic: The reasons why people have the need to escape from society and go into the wild. And how transcendentalism played a role in many of these journey’s. Acker, Geri. "McCandless and Relationships." Viterbo . 10 Nov. 2002. Stanford. 7 Apr. 2008 <>. This article also talks about the book Into the Wild and the relationships Chris McCandless has with the people around him, and with nature. This article analyzes Chris McCandless in a different way than any other article or website I have. It explains how Chris interacted with his surroundings and the people around him. This is very important to try and figure out why exactly Chris and others like him went on adventures like that. When you look at the relationships he had on his way to Alaska you can see how he felt around people, as opposed to how he acted in nature. The article goes on to explain how all these relationships with people and nature are or are not like that of a transcendentalist. The article contains much evidence to why Chris did the things he did and what other people that he met on his journey thought about him and his intentions. This article is going to be used extensively because of all the different information it contains. The article sometimes seems to be a little bias, but I am going to use it primarily for the quotes and interviews that the author uses with the people that Chris met on the way. Online Adler, Jerry. "Out Of the Wilderness. (Environment)(less American prefer the outdoors)." Newsweek 151.07 (Feb 18, 2008): 51. This article looks at the idea of people going into nature in a different way. It looks at why people aren’t going into nature as much as they used to back in the day. It talks about how the advancement in technology is having a severe impact on the amount of people that go into
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Annotated Bibliography - Josh Emerson Professor Mengert...

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