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Essay Two Proposal - Emerson 1 Josh Emerson Professor...

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1 Josh Emerson Professor Mengert English 1106 March 20, 2008 Essay Two Proposal Introduction For my research paper I request permission to do some research into the reasons why people find the need to flee society and find refuge in nature. I am also going to research the idea of transcendentalism and the writings of such transcendentalists as Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson. About how these young men used transcendentalist’s ideas and philosophies to guide and fuel them on their adventures. Because of these transcendentalists, people like Chris McCandless are influenced into going on big adventures and experience life like many people are not able to do. People all around the world go out on expeditions into nature for many different reasons. Some want to prove something to themselves or to someone else. Others want a grand adventure that they cannot get anywhere else. Some feel the demands and practices of society are demeaning and pointless, and feel the need to escape. But they all have one thing in common. They feel that society does not provide all the necessary ingredients for a fulfilling life. In the following proposal I will give further information on my research topic and the resources I am going to use in my paper. I will also include a schedule of the important dates and deadlines for the paper. Research Topic
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Essay Two Proposal - Emerson 1 Josh Emerson Professor...

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