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ah 8 - Cornelia Winter AH 102 Assignment 8 Question Perhaps...

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Cornelia Winter AH 102 Assignment 8 3/26/08 Question: Perhaps the most significant piece of art or architecture commission by any ruler is the monument designed to commemorate the life and death of one’s self. A funerary column or Mausoleum is the ideal place for a ruler to show off his own great accomplishments and those of his family. Rulers often incorporated past and future emperors in their own monument to strengthen the concept of their imperial bloodline and lineage. How did Roman Rulers, beginning with Augustus and continued by his successors up thru Antoninus Pius and Marcus Arelius, use funerary art and themes such as apotheosis to reaffirm the legitimacy of their own reign and that of their heirs? And how did later examples commission by Antoninus and Marcus Arelius deviate from the earlier works of Augustus and others? Antonine Columns ; The Art of Succession One of the most important branches in Roman imperial art is that of funerary art. This is mainly because of its potential to be a powerful political tool, and the sheer volume of this type of monument commissioned. Funerary art and monuments, as suggested by some art historians, often played an important role in “securing the smooth succession from one emperor to the next.” 1 This argument, by P.J.E. Davies from Death and he Emperor: Roman Imperial Funerary Monument from Augustus to Marcus Aurelius, focuses on the tradition of emperors using funerary, along with themes such as
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ah 8 - Cornelia Winter AH 102 Assignment 8 Question Perhaps...

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