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Adam Reed Dr. White History of Political Thought March 24, 2007 Education Good How Education Has Become Nothing More Than a Euphemism For Ignorance in Today’s Society Education in the United States is a diminishing institution. Standards, equality, and the purpose of education are being reduced to almost nothing. There was a time in our history when education was fueled by a desire for betterment. Education was meant to reduce the gaps of social and economic inequality, not broaden them. Civic education can be provided in many ways, including traditional schooling and popular culture. Civic education today reflects the diminishing values of modern American society along with a shift away from academia towards popular culture. Therefore, it is not surprising that education remains in this current state of degeneration. Instead of helping the country progress, public education in the United States is making political and economic accommodation more difficult. The dire state of civic education can be reduced to two problems: diminishing values in American society and unequal educational opportunities. Unequal educational opportunities are unequivocally linked to a gap between rich and poor. Poverty can, in many instances, be linked to power structure of the United States. The United States is comprised of two power groups: the majority and the minority. White Anglo Saxon Protestants provide the country with its majority. Any group that does not fall into the racial, ethnic, or religious categories of the majority are considered to be the minority. Rules and values of the society are defined and enforced by the majority. This of course leaves minorities at a great political and economic disadvantage.
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Reed Majorities for the most part would prefer to keep the power structure the way it is. Providing evidence that your group is in some way more qualified than an opposing group is the best may to maintain this status quo. Preventing a person or group from obtaining a higher level of qualification is one way to achieve this goal. Education is fundamental to achieving high levels of qualification. The American public school system was created to promote this. All children have the opportunity to attend school, and are required to do so until a certain age. It is true that every citizen has an equal opportunity in obtaining education. However, equality, in the world of public education is not extended any further than simply the opportunity. Once through the school doors, equality no longer exists. There is a major difference between opportunity and quality. Very easily argued is that idea that every child is offered a chance to attend school. At the same time, one would be hard pressed to argue that every child receives the same quality of education. School facilities, their faculty, and administration are greatly unbalanced among different classes and races. Public education is ultimately a socialist institution trying to survive in a capitalistic
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Education Good - Adam Reed Dr. White History of Political...

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