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Adam Reed Internet-Human Issues Assignment #7 Copyrighting in the United States is a very important practice. It not only protects artists but also protects the artistry. Without copyright laws, then the expression of ideas would come to a halt. People would no longer be forced to create original ideas. Without forcing anyone to create original ideas we are limiting their potential. When we limit societies potential to create original works, we are limiting free expression. It is very difficult to allow someone to “own” an idea or expression. In some cases the copyrighting is not necessary and may also be harmful. “Companies may take out a patent, or buy someone else's patent, in order to inhibit others from applying the ideas. From its beginning in 1875, the US company AT&T collected patents in order to ensure its monopoly on telephones. It slowed down the introduction of radio for some 20 years.” (article against copyrighting) This is an example of copyright abuse. However, this is not the way that the copyrighting was intended to be used. For one, this is a very outdated example. This would not be allowed in modern times. Furthermore, this is not a problem of copyrighting
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COPYRIGHT - Adam Reed Internet-Human Issues Assignment#7...

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