Race and Ethnicity

Race and Ethnicity - Adam Reed February 7 2006 Professor...

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Adam Reed February 7, 2006 Professor Burns There is an uneven balance of power among racial groups in the United States. The country is broken broadly into two power groups: the majority and the minority. The majority in the country is comprised of White Anglo Saxon Protestants. The minority is comprised of any group that does not fall into the racial, ethnic, or religious categories of the majority. The norms, rules, and values of this society are defined and enforced by the majority group leaving minorities at a political and economical disadvantage. The political system in the United States was designed to allow the citizens of the state power over the way the government is run. The citizen’s, ultimately, have the power to change laws and rules that govern the state. The United States, along with being a democracy, is also a capitalistic society. Political success can often be linked to economic success and visa versa. For one to gain political influence it is beneficial to have a strong monetary backing. At the same time, gaining economic success requires cultivation, education, and opportunities that are all largely political. People in power like to stay in power. The most basic way to maintain this status quo is by showing that they are one way or another more qualified than another person or group. One way to achieve this goal is by preventing a person or group to ever obtain a high level of qualification. Fundamentally, education is the most important factor when it comes to achieving a high level of qualification. This is the reason for the American public school system. Not only does every child have the opportunity to attend school, but also it is required until a certain age.
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Every person in the United States has an equal opportunity to obtain an education. In terms of education, the “opportunity to obtain” is where the notion of equality begins and ends. Opportunity for education is not where the majority and minority diverge. Quality is ultimately the deciding factor in who is to succeed. Quality of teachers, classes, guidance, and facilities differ greatly among the classes and ultimately the races. Public education is a socialist institution. Each person in a community pays money in the form of property taxes. In return, they are given a free education. Blacks and Latinos have a median family income of less than $35,000 a year. While Asians and Whites have a median family income of over $55,000 a year. Families with larger incomes, logically, would live in areas with more expensive homes and a higher property tax. Higher income leads to higher property tax. High property tax means more money for the school system. There is a cycle that is forming with this series of events. The rich are getting a
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Race and Ethnicity - Adam Reed February 7 2006 Professor...

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