"The Culture of Narcissism": American Foreign Policy

"The Culture of Narcissism": American Foreign...

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Adam Reed March 4, 2007 Dr. Hunt World Civilizations II Paper #1- The Culture of Narcissism American Foreign Policy as a Reflection of the Diminishing Values in American Society Thus American officials blundered into the war in Vietnam because they could not distinguish the country’s military and strategic interests from “our reputation as a guarantor…” (60) American foreign policy has evolved along with American society. Values, standards, and beliefs of the modern American are reflected in the way the country interacts with the rest of the world. To a certain extent, this evolution is a healthy byproduct of the democratic process. However, one often mistakes evolution for progress. Today, it seems that the image the United States presents is more important than what America really stands for. Our goals have shifted from being a powerful protector of freedom to presenting ourselves as a powerful protector. This image is so important that America often will protect it at any cost, even at the expense of many other values. This holds true, not only to American political policies, but to the rest of American society as well. According to Christopher Lasch in The Culture of Narcissism, “ … Not the goals, but keeping the organization going, became the important thing.” (61) Once upon a time, the government was deeply committed to keeping the world safe from corruption and violence. Hundreds of years ago the only way to keep people safe was through military presence. Unfortunately, times change and security today cannot be provided simply with guns and military force. There are two approaches to foreign policy: hard power and soft power. Hard power is
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"The Culture of Narcissism": American Foreign...

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