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International Policy - Adam Reed Dr. Johnston European and...

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Adam Reed Dr. Johnston European and Comparative Governments II May 5, 2007 Essay Final In Of Paradise And Power by Robert Kagen, the differences between the United States and Europe are explored in the context of International Relations. There are huge gaps between the way Americans view international politics and the view that Europeans have. First of all, there is the reliance and respect that they have for international law. Secondly there is the relation that Europe has with the United States and how it has changed over time. Currently the United States is very hesitant to support any type of International law. This is because they often view their own sovereignty as the highest priority. The United States also has they opinion that what they say and do is right and the rest of the world should fall behind. Ideologies such as the ones often held by Americans are detrimental to international law and cooperation. When states are resistant of one another and do not strive for cooperation, war is often the result. The only way to prevent this is the is a global governing body. The existence of a global community is undeniable. There is no state in existence that does not in some way effect another. Evidence of this is found in economic, social, and environmental policies. If the United States lowers prices on sugar, this will affect sugar prices across the globe. When countries open up their borders for immigration it
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International Policy - Adam Reed Dr. Johnston European and...

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