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Adam Reed March 5, 2007 Dr. Hunt World Civilizations II First Movie Review- Newsies Bye Me Last Paper Mista [cough] [cough]? A Look at the 1899 Newsboys Strike Through the Eyes of Walt Disney “Newsies” is the true story about the newsboy’s strike of 1899. Jack Kelly, the main character, has no mother or father and makes his money selling newspapers for Joseph Pulitzer. He befriends two boys who have temporally left school so that he can help is family make ends meet. Joseph Pulitzer who is obsessed with making more money decides to raise the price of newspapers for newsboys by ten percent. Reacting to this price raise, Jack Kelly leads the newsboys to a strike against the newspaper tycoons who include Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hurst. Living conditions for the newsboys, their families, and the wealthy are an excellent representation of post-industrial society in the United States. Housing for the newsboys consists of a large building filled with bunk beds. Water for bathing, eating, and drinking all come from a common well in the middle of the facility. This is an accurate representation of housing facilities during this time. Following the industrial revolution, cities were flooded with impoverished
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Newsies - Adam Reed March 5, 2007 Dr. Hunt World...

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