South Park - Adam Reed Africa and Black Diaspora Dr Hunt...

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Adam Reed Africa and Black Diaspora Dr. Hunt March 13, 2008 Movie Review #1 Nature vs. Nurture Difficulties with Being Culturally Different Than Your Majority Community In the South Park episode “Here Comes the Neighborhood,” Token, the schools only black student struggles with being the only rich kid in South Park. Struggling with being rich is an obvious analogy to the difficulty of being black in an all white community. First off, Token doesn’t realize why he’s the only rich kid in town. He struggles with his identity and just wants to fit in with the other kids. The other children chastise Token for the things that he has and the way he acts. He attempts to fit in by changing what he wears and acting poor. Finally, Token realizes that this is a pointless task and he can never escape the fact that he is rich and all his friends are poor. He decides that the only answer is to try and encourage more rich people to move into South Park. All of the people that Token attracts are both rich and black. The Town is very hesitant to all these rich people moving in. They are scared because they are very comfortable with the status quo. Rich people moving in will upset their way of life and eventually run them out. At one point, Token is showing some of the new rich kids around his home. He points out the original Van Gogh that his parents keep in the living room. When he realizes that the other kids have the same thing in their house he gets very excited. For the first time he feels like he has cultural ties that he can share with friends. Expensive paintings are just an example of how some
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South Park - Adam Reed Africa and Black Diaspora Dr Hunt...

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