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Marketing Assignment - Adam Reed Basic Marketing 001 Dunkin...

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Adam Reed Basic Marketing 001 Dunkin Donuts Marketing Audit 1. Dunkin Donuts’ strengths lay in their unique niche in the market. They go after average people who don’t have the time or desire to go to a Starbucks. They find a balance between efficiency and quality. They may not have the very best coffee. But it isn’t the worst and they can get it out more quickly than their upper scale competitors. Dunkin Donuts’ has also been around a lot longer than Starbucks so there is a certain nostalgia surrounding the company. People feel at home with it, while Starbucks, may be intrusive for some. 2. Dunkin Donuts’ weakness, in large part, is its ability to create a really memorable product. Their coffee may not be terrible but it’s not great. People don’t say “I need a Dunkin Donuts coffee.” This leaves the market open to competitors that can offer a similar product for a cheaper price. People will flock to this slightly cheaper product because there is nothing distinguishing about the Dunkin Donuts coffee. If someone wants a Starbucks coffee there is no readily available substitute. 3. New York is a very fast paced city. One of the benefits of Dunkin Donuts’ mentioned in the article is that it can get the coffee out quicker. People want a cup of coffee but there are often time restraints that Starbucks does not mesh well with. If you want a delicious cup of coffee do enjoy over a relaxing afternoon you go to Starbucks. If you have to be at a meeting in 10 minutes and you just can’t survive without that first cup of coffee, then Dunkin Donuts is your brand of
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Marketing Assignment - Adam Reed Basic Marketing 001 Dunkin...

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