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PS 1010 - Exam 1 Study Guide 1. Power – the ability to get someone to do something that they wouldn’t normally do. 2. Nation – an anthropological term, a distinct grp of people. 3. State – a legal idea, existence of an effective operational gov’t. Sovereignty. 4. Sovereignty – supreme power especially over a body politic, freedom from external control. 5. Realism – power is the key variable in all political relationships and it should be used to advance the national interest. 6. Idealism – values, ideals, and moral principles are the keys in comprehending, and possibly changing the behavior of nation-states. 7. Comparative Politics – how American politics compares to other national poli syss. 8. Legitimacy – to what extent something is accepted. 9. Totalitarianism – a poli sys. where every aspect of the gov’t is controlled by the ruling elite. V for Vendetta . 10. Authoritarianism – clear man on top; if you challenge, you die. 11. Autocracy – unchecked political power exercised by a single ruler.
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