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take home exam - Name: _ POL115: Exam 2, 4/16/08 1. (1 pt)...

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Name: ___________________________________ POL115: Exam 2, 4/16/08 1. (1 pt) A Congressperson’s primary responsibility is to: A. his or her constituents B. his or her own needs C. his or her fellow representatives D. the President 2. (1 pt) Appropriations made for a representative’s district that are not often needed but created to help his or her constituents are called: A. line item vetoes B. whips C. pork barrel legislation D. direct patronage 3. (5 pts) Match the terms to their proper definition: A. sociological representation _____ representative currently in office B. agency representation _____ redrawing election districts every 10 years C. incumbent _____ reps have the same background as their constituents D. apportionment _____ reallocation of congressional seats among 50 states E. redistricting _____ reps are held accountable to their constituents 4. (1 pt) Which of the following is not an example of a Committee? A. Standing B. Select C. Conference D. Public 5. (1 pt) Our elected officials usually have large staffs. TRUE FALSE 6. (2 pts) Who is the current Speaker of the House? (1 pt) Why is this person’s situation unique? 7. (3 pts) Name the President, Vice President and Secretary of State. 8. (4 pts) Match the presidential power to an action performed under that power A. Military ______Grant pardons & amnesties B. Judicial ______ Make treaties with other countries C. Diplomatic ______ Use the armed forces at home in emergencies D. Executive ______ Appoint federal judges 9. (1 pt) What are the three groups that help to create the institution of the presidency? A. Cabinet, White House Staff, Military Generals B. First Lady, Secret Service, Special Interest Groups C. Cabinet, White House Staff, Executive Office of the President (EOP) D. CIA, FBI, NSA, IRS 10. (2pts) What are the two court systems in our country? 11. (1 pt) What US state has laws based on the Napoleonic Code?
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12. (1 pt) The two types of jurisdiction are in rem (over the thing) and in personam (over the person). TRUE FALSE 13. (1 pt) The US Supreme Court can participate in judicial review, but not appellate review. TRUE FALSE 14. (5) Name the three branches of government and the three Articles of the US Constitution that creates them. 15. (1 pt) The first 10 amendments to the US Constitution are called: A. Magna Carta B. Bill of Rights C. Articles of Confederation D. The Constitution 16. (2 pts) How many Amendments have been ratified? Approximately how many have been proposed? 17. (1 pt) The wall of separation between church and state is best found in what clause of the US Constitution: A. the free exercise clause B. the establishment clause C. the full faith and credit clause D. the invincible wall of separation clause 18. (1pt) The _______________ clause of the First Amendment protects an individual’s right to believe and practice whatever religion he or she chooses: A. establishment B. free association C. free exercise D. faith restoration 19. (1 pt) The first and most famous test for determining when the government could intervene to
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take home exam - Name: _ POL115: Exam 2, 4/16/08 1. (1 pt)...

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