HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY - Frustration being blocked from...

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HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY  Health psychology concerned with understanding o The role that psychosocial factors have in the promotion and maintenance  of physical health. Apply that understanding o Disease trends in the U.S. o Stress related Chronic Diseases account for most of the deaths due to  physical illness Heart disease is the leading cause of death (has begun to slow  down) Cancer is the 2 nd  leading cause Stroke is 3 rd  leading cause o Death rates due to contagious diseases have declined over the past  century  What is stress? o Stressor:  An even that  Threatens well being  Alters equilibrium (balance) o Stress response (fight-flight)
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Responses to a stressor that threatens well-being and taxes ability to cope o Types of Stressors (understand what each category encompasses)
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Unformatted text preview: Frustration being blocked from attaining a goal (something you want) • E.g. traffic jams, failures, losses Decisional conflict deciding between 2 conflicting decisions; don’t know what to do. • Classic conflict is the approach – avoidance conflict “I want X but X has some risk.” • Avoidance-avoidance conflict 2 unattractive conflict • Approach-approach conflict 2 attractive alternatives Change/aversive events major life changes (neg or pos) can cause stress Emotionally distressing (aversive) events cause stress • Physical trauma, loss of security, resources • Hurts self-esteem • Loss of relationships • SOME OF THESE EVENS CAN BE CONSIDERED FRUSTRATION AS WELL Pressure demands on you to perform (exams)...
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HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY - Frustration being blocked from...

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