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Unique Experience - Emily Blum Human Sexuality F255 Unique...

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Emily Blum Human Sexuality F255 Unique Experience Assignment For my unique experience, I wanted to do something that was completely out of character to myself; so some friends and I took one night and decided to be spontaneous and went to a gay strip club called “Celebrity” which is in my hometown of Dayton, Ohio. At first it was just a funny experience being in a totally different environment than what I was used to in my daily life, and then it became more interesting to see what all went on that I had never even ventured to experience in my past. We thought it would just be funny, and all of my friends and myself are somewhat conservative, and most of us had never even been to a strip club, let alone a homosexual one; therefore we weren’t positive of what we should be expecting upon first walking in. After Brittany’s presentation and the discussion that the class had with her last week during lecture, I suppose I was somewhat a little more prepared for what I was walking into, as opposed to my friends. I somewhat explained and shared a little of what Brittany had said in the discussion and gave them the gist of what we had learned and what I had learned through classes such as this; I didn’t want any of us to walk in there like a deer and headlights. Some of my friends thought that they would be more acceptable to their surroundings if they had a little to drink before walking in to the club… I’m not sure how much of an affect it had on them, but I guess they were as relaxed as they could have gotten without being drunk. But I don’t think there is anything to be said that could have ensured that we wouldn’t look obvious walking in that we weren’t in our usual environments. There was a mixture of guys and girls in the group that I went with, and not shockingly, the guy’s
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Unique Experience - Emily Blum Human Sexuality F255 Unique...

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