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Sec3 Lect5cont - o FHP[family history positive(Alcoholic...

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Tuesday 3/4/08 Health Psychology Lecture #5 (p. 231-245) [cont] EXAM #3 ON THURSDAY!!! Today’s notes start within Lecture 4’s Power Point. Beginning with slide #10 Persons at risk for alcoholism (positive family history) appear to: o Experience more of the stimulating effects when blood alcohol levels are rising o Experience less of the motor depressant effects – impairing effects (more tolerant) o Have larger stress reactions when sober and larger reductions in stress reaction when intoxicated o Have personality-risk traits: social deviance (willingness to break rules), excitement seeking impulsivity (lack self-control), positive alcohol expectancies Pathways to Alcohol Problems o Many paths / casual factors o Numerous genes and related vulnerabilities Two Major Paths to Alcoholism o FHP [family history positive] (Alcoholic Parent) -> Social Deviance -> Alcohol Problems
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Unformatted text preview: o FHP [family history positive] (Alcoholic Parent) -> Excitement Seeking -> Drink More -> More Alcohol Problems • Pathways to Alcohol Problems [Diagram] o Parental problems, offspring personality, alcohol expectancies and alcohol use and abuse • Alcohol Expectancies and avoidant styles of coping o Avoidant style = maladaptive “emotion-focused” coping. o [Diagram] An avoidant style of coping (emotion focused) is associated with drinking to cope for those who also think that alcohol has many positive effects. • REVIEW!!! o If you have a family history of alcoholism, this associates to likelihood of social deviance, which in turn, related to likelihood of developing alcoholic problems....
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