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P199 Assign4 - Emily Blum April 1st, 2008 Assignment #4...

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Emily Blum April 1 st , 2008 Assignment #4 – Career Research Report Human Resources Manager Every organization wants to attract the most qualified employees and match them to jobs for which they are best suited. However, many enterprises are too large to permit such close contact between top management and employees. Human resources managers and specialists provide these connections. Today’s human resource workers manage personnel tasks; but increasingly, they also consult with top executives regarding strategic planning. They have moved from behind-the-scenes staff work to leading the company in suggesting and changing policies. A human resources manager is responsible for managing and overseeing the personnel department within a company or organization. These responsibilities include being involved in the hiring process of new employees, screening resumes and applications, and setting interview appointments. Within most corporations, the human resources manager also holds a key role in providing employee supervision and evaluations, retraining employees, offering mediation services for struggling employees as well as firing those of which are failing to meet the company standards. Social perceptiveness, critical thinking and instruction are all key skills required for success in this type of an occupation. Social perceptiveness is key in order to be aware of others’ reactions, and to create a better
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P199 Assign4 - Emily Blum April 1st, 2008 Assignment #4...

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