P313 Midterm Study Guide

P313 Midterm Study Guide - From the Introduction Boundaries...

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From the Introduction Boundaries of Adolescence -What is adolescence? Can you define adolescence in your own words? -Know the three main areas in which we see transitions during adolescence? A Multidisciplinary approach to studying adolescence -What is meant by a multidisciplinary approach to studying adolescence? -Why would it be helpful to incorporate such an approach when studying adolescence? From Chapter One -What are the five main physical manifestations of puberty? 1. rapid acceleration in growth 2. development of primary sex characteristics 3. development of secondary sex characteristics 4. change in body composition 5. changes in the circulatory and respiratory systems -Can you provide an example of each of these five? -The HPG interacts with our bodies in a way similar to the thermostat in a house, can you explain in your own words what this means? -What triggers the onset of Puberty (what substance do we see more of in adolescents who have reached puberty)? -What are the implications of the increase levels of this substance…what might this mean for adolescents? -Somatic Development -Be familiar with the following terms: Adolescent Growth Spurt, Peak Height Velocity, Asynchronicity of growth -Be able to discuss the potential impact of this phenomena on an adolescent during puberty Timing and Tempo of Puberty - It is difficult to pinpoint a specific age that corresponds with various timing and tempo of puberty…why? (Hint, be able to discuss individual and group differences) The Psychological and Social Impacts of Puberty -Puberty can have a direct effect on behavior or effect behavior indirectly based on the
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P313 Midterm Study Guide - From the Introduction Boundaries...

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