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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 2 Objectives Describe how much physical activity is recommended for developing health and fitness Identify the components of fitness Explain the goals of training and the basic principles Discuss the steps to make a program safe, effective, and successful How much What is sedentary? Greatest to least % of adults 28 42 % of children Sixty percent of overweight 5 to 10yearold children already have one biochemical or clinical cardiovascular risk factor, such as hyperlipidemia, elevated blood pressure, or increased insulin levels, and 25% have 2 or more More $ Sedentary 150 billion 1.3 trillion Reduce CVD and diabetes by 30% = 119 billion 2.5 hours/week brisk walking Activity or exercise What is the difference? Plan Structure Repetitive 150 calories Walking 1 miles in 35 min Bicycling 5 miles in 30 min Walking 2 miles in 30 min Running 1 miles in 15 min 20002500/day 4000 or more How much part 2 30 min/day 45 min/day 60 min/day 90 min/day Improve capacity for exercise Health related fitness 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Cardiorespiratory Muscular strength Muscular endurance Flexibility Body composition Principles of training Stimulus/response Specificity Progressive overload FITT Reversibility 50% in 2 months Strength v endurance FITT Frequency Intensity 35 endurance 2 or more strength Varies 5590% of max HR 2060 cardio 1 set of 812 of 810 Varies Time Type Designing a plan Medical clearance GXT Houston Assessment Setting goals Choosing balance SMART Overcoming barriers All components Guidelines Specificity Regularity Start slowly Warm up Cool down Safety Listen/rest Cycle volume/intensity Vary activity Partner Mind Fuel Fun Track progress Perspective ...
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