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_Laboratory_Test - o Understand why bubbles were produced...

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Concepts in Biology Laboratory Test #2 Study guide: This study guide is to aid your preparation for the 2 nd laboratory test to be administered on 11/29/07. If you think you may need additional help preparing for the test please do not hesitate to contact your laboratory instructor. o Cellular Respiration Laboratory o Understand cellular respiration lab findings (“Is yeast alive”) o Is yeast alive without an energy source? o Would yeast be able to respire without oxygen? o Virtual Cellular Respiration Laboratory o Be able to analyze data from a graph similar to the graph you had to complete on the virtual cellular respiration lab o Know cellular respiration equation o Understand reactants and products (including by-products) o What was the name of the tool/device that allowed you to measure how much o Photosynthesis Laboratory o Know photosynthetic equation o Understand reactants and products (including by-products)
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Unformatted text preview: o Understand why bubbles were produced during photosynthesis o Know the purpose of adding baking soda o Why was the test tube placed in a beaker of water o Mitosis Laboratory o Be able to determine different stages of mitosis in either fish blastula or onion root tip o Know position of chromosomes in each stage o Know difference between cytokinesis in animals and plants o Karotyping: be able to identify different genetic abnormalities by analyzing karyotype o Hardy Weinberg equation o Know definitions of key words: o allele; homozygous dominant, homozygous recessive, heterozygous, genotype and phenotype o Be able to identify factors that effect population genetics o Be able to determine allelic frequencies using Hardy Weinberg equation o See problem sets (w/solutions) listed on Blackboard...
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