Entrepreneur - Rebecca Maddox Profile of an Entrepreneur...

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Rebecca Maddox Profile of an Entrepreneur Kathryn Gray started out at the University of North Florida, earning her Bachelor of Arts in Communications. From the very beginning Kathryn loved working at her job at the Florida Times Union . She had high expectations of eventually starting her own publication. After working her way up the corporate ladder both at the Times Union and Harte-Hanks, Kathryn decided it was time to try and make her dream a reality. She was going to have her own publication. Kathryn, by working in the industry, had seen what direction the magazine industry was headed. She jumped on that opportunity and decided she would create exactly what the Jacksonville audience was looking for, “an upscale lifestyle publication.” Kathryn’s two main driving motivations, behind starting her own magazine, were to escape the corporate business place and to create something she could call her own. Kathryn believes that there is no better feeling then when after all your hard work you see that final product. In order to start her business Kathryn knew she was going to need funding. Luckily, due to all the business experience she had previously she had already established many networking contacts. One of Kathryn’s closer friends had told her that e would be interested in outing money up for her magazine. Kathryn would be making all the creative decisions and her business partner would be supplying her financing. With the help of many other advisors and contacts
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Entrepreneur - Rebecca Maddox Profile of an Entrepreneur...

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