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Social Psychology EXAM 3 Dr. Erin L. Richman This exam covers lectures and readings from your text that cover Chapters 9, 10, 12. CHAPTER 9 PREJUDICE - Stereotypes; prejudice (know the differences between stereotypes/prejudice) - Ethnocentrism; in group bias - displaced aggression - trends in racial prejudice over the last century - Clark & Clark doll studies - Modern racism, overt discrimination, differences between these types of terms - Gender role norms vs stereotypes (what are the terms are what are the diffs btwn concepts) - How are cultural attitudes perpetuated - Face-ism (emphasis of face, emphasis of body in images of men/women) - Just world phenomenon - Subtyping and subgrouping - Stereotype threat (what is it how does it work) CHAPTER 10 AGGRESSION - types of aggression (know definitions of, examples of) - Freud concept of the thanatos 9death instinct) - Role of instinct (biology/evolution) in aggression; weaknesses of this perspective - Brain functioning and aggression - Alcohol and aggression
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