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Stuart Kerr A Critical Response to: Why Ordinary People Torture Enemy Prisoners By Susan T. Fiske et al. What happened in Abu Ghraib was nothing new in terms of human history. It was just another display of “group mentality” leading to poor decision-making. Put under the right circumstances even the most intelligent group of individuals can turn in “a pack of dogs.” Basically a collection of somewhat sophisticated human beings can be placed in an environment they are not used to in which regular rule does not apply and they will revert to animal instinct. William Golding’s ‘The Lord of the Flies’ is a prime example of this. He navigates group mentality among previously ordinary schoolboys as well as the animal instinct of a group picking on the weakest members of a society. In Abu Ghraib the guards were in an environment of stress and fear in a foreign land much like the children in Golding’s classic novel. In both cases the people that hold power use it to vent their anger and frustration on the weak and vulnerable. However before any of this is allowed
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