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Kerrie-Lana Charlemagne Public Speaking Autobiography The 11 th of July dawned a life that was not to be taken for granted. I was born into the arms of Caron Charlemagne and Valerie Hazell, my parents were not married at the time. I was then the only child of this young couple. I grew up for the most part in City Gate, which was located in the capital of the tiny but breath taking, beautiful island of St. Lucia. When I was two year old, although I do not exactly remember every detail, my parents got married. Soon after they gave birth to another child when I was three years of age. I was very happy for my new friend and promised my mother I would play with him every single day. But that was not the case. My parents started playing with my friend more than they did me, so I started not liking my friend very much. Eventually we moved to the northern part of the island called Gros Islet. By this time I was in elementary school and my mother was yet again pregnant with another little boy. I remember being mad at her because she never seemed to get it right, I wanted a little sister. But I grew to love my little brothers and we played a lot everyday. It was better than going to school. In 1994, our house got burnt down by an electrical fire. That was the saddest day of my life because that was the downfall of my mother and father. We moved in with my father’s parents that same night, they lived in a part of the capital known as L’Anse Road. My father’s mother is very controlling and my father’s dad is totally the opposite, he has not a care in the world. Moving in with my father’s parents took a told on my parents marriage. His family was
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determined to break up that marriage and that’s what happed. Within two years, my parents were
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autobiographghy - Kerrie-Lana Charlemagne Public Speaking...

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