eng135majoressayAB - Annotated Bibliography Dauvergne,...

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Annotated Bibliography Dauvergne, Peter. “Globalization and the Environment” Dauvergne discusses globalization in terms of how it has, is and may next affect the environment. He uses multiple, specific examples and graphs of how globalization has the potential to change our environment for better or worse. He outlines past progress and events that have had significant impact on the topic as to provide better understanding of the present situation. He backs up his findings with adequate sources and stays unbiased, presenting both sides of the argument. Geddes, Pete. “The Benefits of Globalization” Geddes goes over some of the basic benefits of globalization. He describes how it can benefit anything from women’s rights in developing countries to bringing people out of poverty and reducing infant mortality rates. He provides many statistics but without reference so there credibility is questionable. Geddes makes his article interesting, with his enthusiastic view on the issue, but fails to show any glimpse of the other side of the
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eng135majoressayAB - Annotated Bibliography Dauvergne,...

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