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Chapter 3 Psychological Health What Is Psychological Health? Psychological health encompasses both our emotional and mental states - that is, our feelings and our thoughts. o Emotional health generally refers to feelings and moods. o Mental health describes our ability to perceive reality as it is, to respond to its challenges, and to develop strategies for living. o Spiritual health our ability to identify our basic purpose in life and to experience the fulfillment of achieving our full potential. o Culture also helps to define psychological health. Cultural rituals help to reinforce the values and beliefs people share. Emotional Intelligence – o Psychologist Daniel Goleman identifies five components of emotional intelligence (sometimes called emotional quotient or EQ): self- awareness, altruism, personal motivation, empathy, and the ability to love and be loved by friends, partners, and family members. Knowing Your Needs According to Maslow - we must satisfy basic physiological needs first. Then can we pursue fulfillment of our higher needs - for safety and security, love and affection, and self-esteem. According to Maslow, few individuals reach the state of self-actualization , in which one functions at the highest possible level and derives the greatest possible satisfaction from life. (See Figure 3-1.) Values - the criteria by which you evaluate things, people, events, and yourself - represent what’s most important to you. Values can provide guidelines for making decisions that are right for you. Two types of values.
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PEch.3briefnotes - Chapter 3 Psychological Health What Is...

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