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PE%20142%20Course%20Notes%20Chapter%2017 - Chapter 17 The...

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Chapter 17 The Spirit of Health and Wellness Spirituality means different things to different people. o Spirituality is an organized faith or formal religion where individuals believe in a connection with an all powerful being or God. o For others spirituality is a discovery of our self, our true nature—it is finding out about our unique abilities so that we can serve humanity and leave legacies. What Is Spirituality? Spirituality - a sacred matter of things of an ecclesiastical nature. o Something highly valued or important. o A connection with everything in creation—an animating force, the principle of unification—… shared consciousness. (Dr. John Travis) o A higher intelligence, a fundamental or creative power—a universal energy or source. o God, Spirit, Higher Power, the Light, Higher Self, Cosmic Intelligence, or Christ Consciousness The term religion - often used to refer to a somewhat narrower definition than spirituality. o A specific system of belief about deity, often involving rituals, a code of ethics, and a philosophy of life o Usually represents a special doctrine or group of people. Body, Mind and Spirit The body, mind and spirit of health and wellness are inseparable. The key to discovering our own spirituality is to understand that our spirit connects us to our body, our mind and with others in the sharing of our human experience. Embracing Spirituality Connectedness To Oneself There is a growing body of research that tells us that setting aside some time to question who we are and what we want to accomplish can bring a richness to our life and be healthy for us. Connectedness to Others As spiritual growth takes place, many people come to believe that all human beings are connected to one another. o This oneness is what some people call God. o Others call it a universal energy. Some psychologists refer to connectedness as our conscience . o When you listen to your conscience you see yourself as someone who is part of a bigger world and know that what you do impacts others. When we don’t hear or listen to our conscience our ego takes over. Ego is our self-centeredness. Taking care of yourself is a necessary part of taking care of others. o However, when ego becomes the centre of your life, selfishness and materialism can become the focus of living. Ego without conscience allows us to behave in ways that are not healthy and well. Transcendence Transcendence can be defined as extending notably beyond ordinary limits.
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o Also described as being in harmony with what we do not necessarily understand, what seems distant from us, but what seems to be mysteriously linked to us. These moments open us up to possibilities – create new options and show us glimpses of the connection to all things. The Spirit of Nature
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PE%20142%20Course%20Notes%20Chapter%2017 - Chapter 17 The...

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