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Stuart Kerr English 135 0723219 Dr. Henderson Summary of: Eric Johnson’s The Biology of … Humor: The Laughter Circuit When Willy Anderson erupted in laughter at his mother’s funeral it wasn’t because he thought the scene was comical. It was because an aneurysm in a main artery of his brain had burst. In the end this laugh attack would prove fatal. Tragedies like this help us to explore “the science of comedy.” Scientists have used connections between laughter and different parts of the brain to help with research concerning brain damage and ones sense of humor. Studies have shown people with
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Unformatted text preview: damage to their right frontal lobe to have very poor senses of humor. This area of the brain was once considered “the most silent of the brain areas.” Now with new evidence we are led to believe it may be a very important area in connecting “memory, logic, language, sensation and emotion.” To understand humor you have to be able to make connection between these areas. Without the front right lobe that is impossible. Word count: 156...
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