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Stuart Kerr English 135 0723219 Dr. Henderson The following is an expository essay on the effects of trade and globalization on the environment. I. Introduction A. Growth of trade and globalization: The world is becoming a smaller place due to increased technology and communications, which makes for much easier trade and increases globalization. B. Thesis statement (value): Human kind has reaped the benefits of trade and globalization but is it at the cost of the very world we live in? Body Paragraphs II. Industrialization A. The industrial revolution in Great Britain paved the way for globalization. 1. Since the Industrial revolution world GDP (gross domestic product) has increased by approximately 4757%. 2. Specialization and trade made heavy industrialization profitable, but with it along came the first notable pollution the world had ever seen.
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III. Pollution A. Pollution is a relatively new concept on this planet and only came into play just
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Unformatted text preview: over two hundred years ago. 1. Basically every pollutant on earth stems from trade of some form or another. 2. Pollution includes dirty air, chemicals in streams, lakes and oceans as well as toxins in the earth. IV. Where we stand A. Globalization is beginning to touch every corner of our earth, but smog is not far behind. 1. Indusrialization is spreading rapidly, most noticeably in the People’s Republic of China. 2. Although highly debated, the effects of global warming are becoming clearer and more prevalent. V. Conclusion A. We have to decide as a species if wealth or our planet means more to us. 1. Continuing at the same pace of pollution could prove deadly. 2. If we are not careful and forward thinking we will exhaust the resources of the planet....
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eng135outlinedraft - over two hundred years ago 1 Basically...

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