Individual Lifestyle Change Project

Individual Lifestyle Change Project - Individual Lifestyle...

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Individual Lifestyle Change Project Stuart Kerr Our lifestyle change project consisted of participating in more physical activity, but doing so in an enjoyable fashion. I think this was a great idea because doing the activities that we did, actually inspired me to do more physical activity (rather than deter me - ala, the gym). To me the lifestyle change project was a well-deserved 'kick in the butt.' When we were contemplating as a group what to choose for a lifestyle change, physical activity was not the first thing that crossed my mind as something I needed to improve in my life. I have always been a very active person and, to be honest, have taken it for granted. As we began talking about what type of change we needed to make most in our lifestyles and physical activity came to the forefront I realized that since I had come to university, activity hadn't been that staple part of my life like it once was. During the first semester, I had a really big adjustment to make. Not only was I living on my own for the first time, but also being from a small town I had to adjust the steep increase in population, which was very new to me. I have also been raised with physical activity being as an important a part of my life as schoolwork. Unfortunately, during this adjustment period physical activity seemed to take a back seat. Although I played intramural hockey and swam once in a while, my body was in a steady state of decline as it just wasn't enough. After Christmas was the first time I really noticed I wasn't in a good quality of physical condition, probably in my life. It
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This note was uploaded on 04/18/2008 for the course PE 142 taught by Professor Lauzon during the Spring '08 term at University of Victoria.

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Individual Lifestyle Change Project - Individual Lifestyle...

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