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BUAD 304- - Pierre Towns BUAD-304 Wednesday 8 PM Case Incident Pg 479 1 What type of organization is this TechTarget is a boundaryless organization

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Pierre Towns BUAD-304 Wednesday 8 PM April 25, 2006 Case Incident Pg. 479 1. What type of organization is this? TechTarget is a boundaryless organization because the company is characterized by a lack of formalization. The chain of command at TechTarget is very shallow because the employees do not need a lot of instruction on their jobs. The management at TechTarget also has limitless spans of control because they set deadlines for which the subordinates must abide. The only thing that sets TechTarget apart from the average boundaryless organization is that most of the work is done by individuals instead of teams. If TechTarget were to implement teams, it would be disastrous because of the extreme lack of formalization 2. Why does this work at TechTarget? I believe that this structure is productive mainly for the reason that the employees are well-selected and responsible individuals. I think that if the people were instead
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