428 final exam for review 07

428 final exam for review 07 - Communication Law Comm 428...

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Communication Law ID Number Comm 428 May 16, 2006 Final Exam FOR REVIEW Before beginning, write your CORNELL ID NUMBER, not your name on this sheet and the following pages . Please be sure the exam includes all 11 pages [5 pages are blank to allow you space to continue your answers]. There are five questions, totaling of 100 points. You have 150 minutes to complete the exam. Please read the following instructions CAREFULLY: Please read the questions carefully and organize your answer before you write. Please write clearly. WHAT I CANNOT READ I CANNOT GRADE . The entire test is open book - you may use any materials you wish, including those that may have been prepared by another student as part of a study group or given to you by a past student in the class. NO MATERIALS MAY BE SHARED DURING THE EXAM. You should NOT quote either the text or any course materials verbatim at great length. You will not be rewarded for copying. Your reasoning in answering each question is what counts not the conclusion that you reach or the fact that you have a complete set of reference materials. FOR GRADER ONLY 1. (25) 2. (20) 3. (20) 4. (20) 5. (15) TOTAL
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(25 points; 40 minutes) 1. Carl is a cameraman for WSYR -TV in Syracuse. One Saturday while watching his 10- year-old son play baseball, he sees a man yelling at a child on the other team. After watching this behavior go on for an inning, Carl gets his video camera from the car and sets it up so he can record the visiting team dugout. In the next inning, the child is tagged
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This test prep was uploaded on 02/26/2008 for the course COMM 4280 taught by Professor Grossman, d during the Spring '07 term at Cornell.

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428 final exam for review 07 - Communication Law Comm 428...

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