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Final Study Guide - Final Study Guide: Part I: "Trail of...

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Final Study Guide: Part I: “Trail of Tears” The Cherokee Indians vs. Georgia Forced relocation of Cherokee Indians and many other tribes Took place in Georgia and surrounding area During 1830’s Used to regain land occupied by Indians Left eastern US open for more expansion Dred Scott v. Sanford Dred and Harriet Scott Two former slaves returning home to a slave state Missouri During 1850’s Court case determined Dred was still a slave Case determined legal status of slaves Wage Slavery Northern white lower and middle classes During Industrial Revolution, 1820-1830’s New England area, Northern states Definition of freedom, stuck making same money, wage slavery Selling labor lifelong, presence of slavery Monroe Doctrine President Monroe, written by John Quincy Adams Signed in 1823 Effected entire western hemisphere Declared US foreign policy Stated western hemisphere was closed for colonization, no new immigration Considered European interference direct threat Showed US projecting its dominance in the world Erie Canal Canal/Waterway running hundreds of miles from Hudson River to Great Lakes Finished in 1825 Funded by federal government, Public Works Linked to political parties, Whigs vs. Democrats Transportation Revolution, makes NYC new center of commerce Links New England to Midwest
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Sherman’s March March from Atlanta to Savannah Led by General William Tecumseh Sherman March to destroy everything in his path March during 1864, late civil war Hoped to cut off all resources to the South, making them vulnerable Missouri Compromise During 1819-1820 Over the addition of Missouri to the US
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Final Study Guide - Final Study Guide: Part I: "Trail of...

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