Cartilage and Bone Connective Tissue

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Cartilage and Bone Connective Tissue long bone : i.e. . femur, tibia, humerus short bone : knee caps, wrist bones, spongy compact covering flat bone : scull cap, sternum, ribs irregular bone : vertebrae, temple long bone features diaphysis : main, long staff portion epiphysis : proximal and distal ends metaphysis : area between, growing part of the bone. usually in children. still present in adults, but no longer growing. medullary cavity : inside of diaphysis, filled with yellow bone marrow. periosteum : membrane on surface of bone except where there is articulating cartilage. spongy (cancellous) bone : contains red bone marrow and made up of trabeculae. weight is much less, but able to support more. trabeculae : "little beams" that form a network, each contains lamellae and
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Unformatted text preview: ostiocytes. • compact bone (cortical) ⁃ osteon (Haversian system) : cylinders that run parallel to the long axis of the bone. ⁃ Haversian canal (central canel) : core of the osteon, lined by endosteum. ⁃ concentric lamellae (lamella) : concentric tubes that form osteons; fibers run in opposite directions. ⁃ osteocytes : mature bone cells ⁃ lacunae : small cavities where osteocytes are located. ⁃ canaliculi : connect neighboring lacunae together, cracks between lamellae. ⁃ perforating canal (Volkman's Canal) : run at right angles to central canals. ⁃ (perforating) Sharpey's fibers : site where muscles and ligaments are tied. ⁃ endosteum : membrane that lines medullary cavity....
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