6.28.07Immigration and Social Darwinism

6.28.07Immigration and Social Darwinism - 6/28/07...

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Unformatted text preview: 6/28/07 Immigration and Social Darwinism-Most immigrants came from Northern and Western Europe Social Darwinism: - Andrew Carnegie: government not involved in economy because it would be messing with the natural- Foundation: Darwins theory (man evolved from lower life forms)- Thomas Malfus: 1817- wrote principles of evolution and coined struggle for survival- Survival of the fittest: key ideology - Christopher Columbus did not first to discover America, but launched migration and thats why we credit him- Racism (explained many questions and problems at the time of industrialization)- Believed was a scientific fact and infiltrated other industries- Era of the scientific revolution-----Compare Iraq, Vietnam and Korean Wars------ ********* Definition of Social Darwinism***********-racial traits are inherited-***those who adapt well will be more successful***-spurred international trade, tourism, immigration, and the evangelism - was basis of imperialism Teddy Roosevelt: strenuous lifestyle--- immigrants can not outnumber whites, and if...
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6.28.07Immigration and Social Darwinism - 6/28/07...

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