ARH Chapter 3 Egypt - Chapter 3 Egypt map of ancient Egypt...

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Chapter 3: Egypt - map of ancient Egypt - What make Egyptian culture different: continuity (in rulership, in culture, language, religion, in ideas - Shaped by geography (Nile river: lifeline by water, nutrients for soil, travel— trade, ability to build big things, protection) - Nile is the longest river in the world - Flows from the south to the north (downhill toward the meditarrianian sea) - Southern nile river is upper Egypt - North area called delta where it fans out - Old, middle and new kingdom - Resists change for thousands of years Palette of King Narmar - Predynastic, Egypt, c. 3000BC. - name and image of king appear - item used for mixing kohl (eyeliner for protecting eyes from glare) - usually small, but this one is big b/c it is ceremonial - formalized enlarged object - carved with scenes on both sides - on one side king narmar wears a crown of upper egypt (bowling pin) - on the other side he wears the crown of southern Egypt - shows he is the king of both - serves as a historical record of the unification of south and north egypt - upper pallatte: - profile legs and head; frontal shoulders and eyes (composite view) - palate has heads of the goddess hathor (goddess of the heavens and divine protector the pharaoh) - 3 horizontal registers - king raises his arm to smite his enemy that he is holding by his hair (person represents a whole race of people) - in front of the king is hours (holding papyrus plants) - lower register: two more defeated enemies - lower palate: - enemy defeated in upper register - middle register: animal tamers (symbolic unification of upper and lower Egypt) - lower regiser: images of power and might of pharaoh - performing his functions alone - not an object related to some funerary context Mastaba: - Arabic word for bench - Rectangular brick or stone structure with sloping sides resurrected above an underground burial chamber - Shaft connects burial chamber with outside so the ka (soul) has access both inside and outside the tomb
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- Burial chamber is surrounded by burial goods
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ARH Chapter 3 Egypt - Chapter 3 Egypt map of ancient Egypt...

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