amh2020hw 7.1.07 - In 1912 Theodore Roosevelt had a new...

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In 1912 Theodore Roosevelt had a new party called the Progressive Party that many people left the Republican Party to join. As early as 1900 these people had wanted to repair American politics and society which they considered to be declining. They wanted to rid politics of corruption, get the power of trusts under control, and give Americans more liberty. They were against prostitution, drinking, gambling, and organized movements to kick crooked politicians and break up monopolies. Many progressives saw the federal government as the best group equipped to solve social problems. Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt headed this movement. As first, progressivism was common among young, Protestant, middle class Americans. They had grown up expecting them to be ministers or missionaries, but had not chosen this path for their lives. They still had conviction to serve their church in some way, and were unhappy with the deterioration of American politics and the growing gap between the rich and the poor. The three groups that arose that were important were investigative journalists, the founders and supporters of settlement houses, and socialists. Disenfranchisement is denying someone the right to vote. Progressives promoted election laws specifically designed to keep non-citizen immigrants from voting. In the 1800s, 18 states had passed laws allowing them to vote. Progressives reversed this trend at the same time that the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization was formed and made it harder to become a citizen. People who wanted to become citizens now had to appear before a judge who asked them questions on American history and civics in the English
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amh2020hw 7.1.07 - In 1912 Theodore Roosevelt had a new...

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