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August 28, 2007 American National Government A.C.E.: 39. cabinet positions--- 1. Attorney general: (Alberto Gonsalez) as of September 15 49. Iraq’s leader- Talabani Declaration of Independence: - Life (economic; what do you do for a living?) - Liberty (synonym for freedom) - The pursuit of happiness (the government to help you or step out of your way to help you be the best citizen you can be) 1791--- bill of rights ratified balancing liberty with order: the balancing doctrine
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Unformatted text preview: 52% of population is female American core values: page 22 1. Liberty- no absolute liberties 2. Equality- not total equality 3. Democracy 2 types of input: 1. demands 2. supports 7. we the people; preamble 10. Articles of confederation 4. shared 4 types of output: 1. legislative 2. executive 3. judicialRoe v. Wade unitary to Confederal to Federalist government Supramacy clause--- the government is supreme article 6 in the constitution...
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