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07 - Imperialism 1898-1917 overlaps the economic boom and...

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July 10, 2007 Imperialism 1898-1917 overlaps the economic boom and beginning of Social Darwinism and its acceptance in 1871 Germany had become a unified nation and they compete with England and France for industrialization and economy Russia expands, and tries to acquire land in China Russia is always going to look for a warm water seaport Entered war with Ottomans and lost Spain has few colonies left (they have all gained their independence) Admiral Mahan: advocated that the US build up their navy, because every world power has historically had a large navy, US heeds his advice Progressive movement wanted to deal with corruption in the local, state, and national governments and et rid of immorality Foundation: Monroe doctrine and Roosevelt Corollary (handout) Leaders: protestant missionaries (to spread their religion), businessmen (make more money by opening up market in other country), and people who wanted to increase US influence Wanted to create an empire for US to prove that they are on the ame playing field as Russia and Europe Jingoist- war monger (first solution to solving problems is to going to war) McKinley does not initially want to go to war Americans started to see Cubans as freedom fighters and the Spanish as bad Muckrakers wanted to bring truth to light Yellow journalists- William Randolph Hurst (owns the new york world) and Joseph Pulitzer (owns the new york journal) Yellow journalists tweak the news so that it would get a reaction out of readers (example downplaying victories or losses, tweaking numbers, focus on one side McKinley pressures Spain to give Cuba their independence Two things led the US the war with Spain Feburary 1898: telegraph was intercepted USS Maine exploded within a week of the letter coming out McKinley does not want to go to war with Spin He sends them a letter with three conditions: 1. repay money for Maine 2. free concentration camps in Cuba 3. stop fighting in Cuba 4. pay Cubans penance (not abided by) - Teller amendment: stated tht we were not going to war to acquire land in
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Cuba, went to war to give them their independence - Jingoists and yellow journalists motto became “Remember the Maine!” -
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