7.3.07 lecture - Progressivism is: -a reform movement of...

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Progressivism is: -a reform movement of people who wanted to: -stop political corruption -equal distribution of power -break up trusts leading progressives: -Woodrow Wilson, Roosevelt, Upton Sinclair, Admiral Mahan, Jane Adams, W.E.B Du Bois, people in progressive movement were mostly: - middle-class - young - Protestant Idealism: - mostly middle class - not robber barons or new immigrants and lower class Realism: Muckrakers: - uncovering scams and schemes in the nation - journalists with sensational stories - uncovered crime and greed - made nation progress from idealism to realism - first active progressives - were realists - shocked America into what was really happening Jane Addams: - leader of settlement house movement - founder of Hull House in Chicago (right in middle of immigrant population) - got inspiration from Toynbee House in London - Hull House run by women for women - Services provided at house: childcare, English classes, learning American way of life (unskilled, unfamiliar with America, poor immigrants), pediatric care and medical care, library, cultural entities, progressivists stopped in and gave lectures; community house for women immigrants
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- Women who went on from her house went on to do other things, like working for federal government, get a college education, open other houses - Feminist activist - Worked with Du Bois Groups that spearheaded the progressive movement -Muckrakers -Jane Addams (settlement house movement) -Socialists (Eugene Debs- Knights of Labor) (most influential)
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7.3.07 lecture - Progressivism is: -a reform movement of...

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