Hayes won election of 1877

Hayes won election of 1877 - -To learn from our part-to...

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-Hayes won election of 1877 (in return:) -freedman’s bureau -Compromise of 1877, but freedman’s bureau pulled out of South Significance - Hayes in office - Freedman’s bureau - ENDED RECONSTRUCTION- historical significance Historical significance vs. significance Lincon -EMANCAPATION PROCLAMATION- historical significance - 1 st republican president History is: The past Repeated because we don’t learn from our mistakes A story of events that re told by survivors Can be oral (verbal), written, visuals Record of these events Why do we study history?
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Unformatted text preview: -To learn from our part-to gain a better understanding of our world- to understand different people and cultures- document our past Why do we study history as individuals?-ex. Records of familys past-better understanding of who we are as an individual-pride and connection-ex as a nation: how we got where we are (sacrifices)-more value placed on freedoms Clarence Carson:-suppose all history was gone-the colonial experience- the whole world is new- study history to know why we are here...
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