12 amh lecture - Wilson's peace efforts January 1916-Col...

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Wilson’s peace efforts: January 1916—Col. House (contacted the prime minister of England—Lord Grey); he said “can I negotiate peace w/ Germans on you behalf… Col. House says absolutely, and Grey negotiates a peace settlement -effort died b/c grey did not want an impartial peace -first effort for peace by Wilson’s administration in May of 1916 Wilson gave a foreign policy address - he reveals his ideals for peace: new world order (in it we will negotiate peace, not war) - he introduces his idea for the League of Nations in January of 1917 Wilson addresses Congress, where he presents his 14 points (he outlines his plan for peace) - many in the world were very hopeful - Feb of 1917--- Germany starts their aggressive attack of England and France---- Zimmerman Telegraph is sent - March 15--- 1 st Russian revolution - January 1917- Speech - February 1917- withdraw diplomacy - February 1917- Zimmerman telegraph - March 1917- Russian Revolution Congress has to declare war 11/11/18--- armistice w/ the agreement that peace would be peace according to Wilson’s 14 points June 28, 1919--- peace treaty was signed (treaty of Versailles) 1 year before Franz Ferdinand was assassinated Wilson, David Lloyd George, Victorio Orlando, and Clemenceau were the 4 main people - Italy went out, all they wanted was their territory back (the fiume), but we
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12 amh lecture - Wilson's peace efforts January 1916-Col...

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