ARH The rise of civilization

ARH The rise of civilization - -40 feet above street level...

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August 28, 2007 Chapter 2: The rise of Civilization Mesopotamia: - the land between two rivers--- meaning (tigres and Euphrates) - fertile crescent - where civilization truly begins - first writing and literature here - Judiasm, Christianity, and Islam began here - Developing at the same time as Egypt - Collection of independent city states - Developed and complex religion - Does not focus on afterlife - Developing at the same time as Egypt - Cities were centered around a temple complex - Temple raised above towns - Temple was a political, administrative center - Temple was located on a high platform called a ziggarat - Ziggarats are intended to symbolize a stairway to heaven - Built of mud brick which is why they are not around anymore Summer: - First Meo city state to gain power - circa 3500 BC - use plows - harnessed and control river flooding Reconstruction of the white temple and ziggaurat: - uruk (Iraq) - portions of ziggaurat predate the pyramids at Egypt
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Unformatted text preview: -40 feet above street level ziggaurat-bent axis approachstairway does not lead directly to door-corners are oriented to the 4 cardinal points-dedicated to the god Anu (sky god)-temple (61 by 16 feet)-not meant for a lot of people at once-not a large public space for worship-inside temple cella housed a divinity set on a stepped alter-temple translates to waiting room-priests waited for gods to descend from heaven-tallest 250 feet in Babalon (tower of babel) Female Head:-8 in-made of marble-carved female head-imported material (luxury)-in original condition would have been striking-eyes would have been made of glass-called Innana b/c she was found in the temple of inanna-goddess of love and war-oldest and most reveared god-became ishtar-image or goddess or priestess unclear-holes in sides tell that it ws fixed to something else-part of a larger idol or image...
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ARH The rise of civilization - -40 feet above street level...

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